Last Sunday was when we brought our newest addition home. She is very tiny, (probably only about 7 weeks) but has instantly won a big place in our hearts. Even though baby kittens require special care, our little one has been through a lot in just one week of being away from the shelter. She spent all of Monday night sneezing next to us in bed, and looked at us in the morning with a gooey nose and an expression that brings tears. Stephen took off of work to bring her to the vet, and I am so thankful he did. We found out that instead of being 8 weeks old (like the shelter said) she was probably only about 6.

The vet identified the sneezing as part of an upper respiratory infection, and also discovered a parasite lurking inside of her and fleas that were giving her anemia. As heart breaking as all of this is, we were lucky to find out that she tested negative for FELV and FIV, which means she is treatable. She received two shots for the infection, medicine for the parasite, high calorie food, vitamins, and was given a flea treatment.  We’ve been taking very special care of her to nurse her back to health, desperately hoping that she receives a clean bill of health when we go back for the recovery check up in a week.

We are in better spirits now than we were a few days ago. The sneezing is gone, she’s eating, and seems more playful. She is sleeping a lot, but don’t we all when our bodies are fighting hard? She a wonderful cuddle buddy, and likes to sleep on top of her mamma and daddy.

Since taking care of her has been the priority, getting nice shots of her hasn’t been so easy. However, I did manage to capture this funny face on my iPhone!